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Spanish Software Report was created by Birk Andrews (the guy writing this right now) to provide unbiased, consumer-oriented reviews for the best learn Spanish software. Our mission is to display our findings to the world wide web for free. Specifically, the site is created with the native English speaker in mind who is looking to either begin learning the Spanish language or brush up on their Spanish skills.People who might find this website useful include: travelers, employees, teachers, students, companies, volunteer organizations and more.


My Story

Like many people before me, I took Spanish classes in high school and in college. I DREADED going to Spanish class - not my favorite subject. Maybe this was because I didn't have the right teachers. Maybe it was because I just wasn't interested in learning Spanish at that time in my life. Nonetheless, I just didn't get much out of taking a formal Spanish course with teachers, students, homework, projects etc etc.


So, I graduated from college. And, I was offered a job as a commodities broker. However, there was a catch to this job: I had to learn Spanish within the first 6 months of working, otherwise I would no longer have a job. The company wanted to expand to Mexico where they could import/export commodities, specifically wheat and soy.


I took the job, knowing a little Spanish, but definitely not enough to hold a conversation with a native Spanish speaker from Mexico. I was excited that I was offered a job and, at the same time, I was worried I wouldn't meet the requirement to keep the job.


Then, I turned to the Internet. I had heard about Rosetta Stone and how a lot of people use it when they need to learn Spanish for work. The only problem was that Rosetta Stone was WAY too expensive for me at the time (approximately $1000 for the whole set!). So I said to myself: "there has to be something out there as good as Rosetta but cheaper."


I searched and searched and searched, seeking an affordable Spanish learning program where I could teach myself fast and easy. It was very hard to find any websites giving me solid reviews on the alternatives to Rosetta Stone. After hours of research, I actually purchased a program that I DID NOT like at all. I stopped using it after a week. I wasted $300!


Obviously, I could not stop there because I would lose my job in about 5 months. As a result, I kept searching the web until I finally found what I was looking for. I downloaded a free demo, played with the demo for about an hour, and at that moment I knew it was what I wanted. I purchased the product and was on my way to meeting my job requirement of learning Spanish in 6 months.


After this process was all said and done, I thought to myself: "That took me so long to find. Probably about 30 hours worth of my time. Why should it be this hard? People should not have to look this hard for learn Spanish software. There are so many good programs out there so few people know about"


Realizing there was a need for a website that solely reviews learning Spanish programs, I decided I would just do it myself. So, here is the site - here for you to save your time and money and not make the same mistake I made. I hope you enjoy!


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