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$99 to $299 $229 to $949 $195 to $674 $177 to $518 $9/Month to $39/Month
Levels Rocket Spanish Tell Me More Rosetta Stone Fluenz SpanishPod
Features Rocket Spanish Tell Me More Rosetta Stone Fluenz SpanishPod
Voice Recognition

Progress Tests
Cultural History
Online Conversation

Tools Rocket Spanish Tell Me More Rosetta Stone Fluenz SpanishPod
Supported Systems Rocket Spanish Tell Me More Rosetta Stone Fluenz SpanishPod
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Learning Spanish with Software Programs

Making sure you learn Spanish the right way

Modern technology has given birth to an entirely new way of teaching - interactive software. If you are interested in paying less to learn Spanish better than you would in a traditional classroom, then take a look at Spanish software. The top programs offer audio lessons, video and text combined lessons, speak recognition for pronunciation, interactive games, grammar books and exercises and more.

Today, it is becoming more and more popular to use interactive Spanish programs. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Personal schedule doesn't fit with class schedules
  • Don't have time to go to a class
  • A class or a tutor is too expensive
  • Want to 'learn on the go' with audio lessons
  • Want to learn Spanish fast

These are just some of the reasons learning Spanish online is one of the most popular methods. It is a more engaging and effective way of learning that most 'first timers' do not expect. And once they begin, they are hooked. Often times, learning a language through a computer program will sync with the way you learn because the program offers such a variety in teaching techniques.

How to Review Spanish Software Online

There is no single, perfect way to review any type of product. However, there are some generally accepted principles that we believe in and feel can be applied to language software specifically. The list below goes over the core Spanish software review principles:

  • Features - Audio lessons, video lessons, audio + video lessons, interactive games, grammar books, progress tests, speech recognition, video chat and live online schooling. These make up the bulk of the features Spanish software programs offer. The better programs have more features.
  • Effectiveness - Give a demo a try (most of them offer free demos) and evaluate the how well you retained the knowledge taught to you. If it sticks for a longer period of time, then it is considered more effective software. You can also review effectiveness by reading customer reviews on the seller websites as well as in review forums.
  • Ease of Use - When you open the software interface, it is either intuitive, semi-intuitive or not intuitive. In other words, do you understand how to use the program right away, easily? Again this is tested by us and it can be tested by you if there is a free demo available
  • Customer Care - When there is a problem or you a have a question, some programs have excellent customer service staff to support you 24/7 and others have one person staffed. We test this by trying to contact customer support for each program with questions and see if we get an answer(s). You can try this too.
  • Price Value - After testing the software features, effectiveness, ease of use and customer care, compare it to the price. Some programs offer basically the same value for a much lower price than others. For example, Rosetta Stone vs. Rocket Spanish.